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Държавна опера - Варна

Ballet in Bansko 2017 05-10.01.2017


Patron of the event is the Mayor Mr. Georgi  Ikonomov


05, 06.01. Community Center “N.Vaptsarov” 18:00


With the special participation of Saori Koike  prima ballerina of the Kremlin Ballet

Илияна Славова – Мари и Павел Кирчев - Принц Лешникотрошач в ЛЕШНИКОТРОШАЧКАТА



A fairy-tale ballet in two acts, choreography by Marius Petipa and Lev Ivanov

Music by Pyotr Ilych Tchaikovsky, based on the tale by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”  
Welcoming Father Christmas and giving gifts

Choreography Sergei Bobrov  
Assistant-choreographers Olesya Aldonina, Demid Zikov, Natalia Bobrova
Ballet pedagogue Svetlana Tonsheva
Coach Gergana Karaivanova
Assistant coach Radoslava Kareeve
Assistant-director Iliana Atanasova

Roles and performers
Marie – Saori Koike, Prima ballerina of the Kremlin Ballet
Nutcracker Prince – Pavl Kirchev
Drosselmeyer – Rumen Stefanov
Fritz – Marie’s brother – Elena Dimitrova
Mechanical Dolls – characters from “The Story of the Hard Nut”
King – Denko Stoyanov
Queen – Gergana Karaivanova
Princess Pirlipat, their daughter – Ekaterina Shopova
Mouse King – Nikolay Dimitrov

Characters living in the fantasy dream of Marie
Nutcracker Soldier leading an army of tin soldiers – Martin Chikalov  
Queen Mishilda – Rumen Stefanov
Little Mouse – Elena Dimitrova
Spanish dance – Silviya Hristova, Martin Chikalov, Salvatore Laudini
Eastern dance – Lili Georgieva, Galina Velikova, Mona Hristova, Adelina Boyadzhieva, Ekaterina Shopova
Chinese dance – Galina Velcheva, Martin Chikalov, Daniel Hristov
Russian dance – Yurika Aoke, Nikolay Dimitrov  
French dance (Pastoral) – Sandra Dotova, Elena Dimitrova, Iliana Trifonova
Mamasha Zhigon – Rumen Stefanov, Paola Mateeva, Adelina Boyadzhieva, Ekaterina Shopova, Antoana Petrova

The story tells of little Marie who dreams of a real Christmas present, but instead she gets a nutcracker in the form of a soldier in a beautiful uniform. The dream come true after all – while sleeping Marie is in a magic kingdom where she dances in the arms of her Prince Nutcracker. She experiences wonderful adventures, meets a king and a queen, mice and a whole army of tin soldiers. Her dolls show charming dances from Spain, China, Russia, France, and at the end they all dance a happy final waltz.


Sales and Booking Tickets +359 885 412 525; e-mail: dramaoperavarna@gmail.com

and Community Center “N.Vaptsarov”




Community Center “N.Vaptsarov” 18:00

10.01. Community Center “N.Vaptsarov” 18:00


With the special participation of Yegor Motuzov, soloist of the Kremlin Ballet

Don Quixote

Ballet to music by Ludwig Minkus
Choreography Sergei Bobrov  
Artist Kristina Fyodorova

DON QUIXOTE – Rumen Stefanov
KITRI – Urika Aoki – debut
BASILIO – Yegor Motuzov – premier soloist with the Kremlin Ballet
SANCHO PANZA – Daniel Hristov
LORENZO, INNKEEPER – Denko Stoyanov  
STREET DANCER – Galina Velcheva  
ESPADA, TOREADOR – Pavel Kirchev  
JUANITA AND CICALIA – Elena Dimitrova, Mona Hristova
GAMACHE – Nikolay Dimitrov
GYPSY WOMAN – Iliyana Bozhkova
MERCEDES – Galina Velcheva
GIGA – Antoana Petrova, Martin Chikalov, Salvatore Laudini, Daniel Hristov


Since its first performance in 1869 at the Moscow Bolshoi Theater till now Don Quixote has been among the most popular paragons of classical dance. In it the dialogue between the Spanish folk dance art and classical ballet techniques reach its climax.  
The production is the result of the creative cooperation with the State Theater for Opera and Ballet in Krasnoyarsk. Choreographer Sergei Bobrov has largely contributed to that cooperation.




Sales and Booking Tickets +359 885 412 525; e-mail: dramaoperavarna@gmail.com

and Community Center “N.Vaptsarov”




Community Center “N.Vaptsarov” 18:00

With the special participation of Saori Koike  and Yegor Motuzov, soloists of the Kremlin Ballet


a ballet to music by Adolphe Adam

Staging and Choreography Sergey Bobrov – Honored Artist of Russia






GISELLE Saori Koike

ALBRECHT Yegor Motuzov

MYRTHA Galina Velcheva  

HILARION Martin Chikalov

WILFRED Anton Ivanov – guest-performer

A PAIR OF WILIS Galina Velikova and Mona Hristova

THE DUKE Rumen Stefanov

BATHILDE Lilyana Georgieva

BERTA Gergana Georgieva


Here the famous ballet is a choreographic interpretation of Sergei Bobrov, honored artist of Russia. The romantic love between Giselle and Albrecht overcomes the boundary between life and death. The Varna ballet artists recreate this eternal story, led by assistant-choreographers Olesya Aldonina, Demid Zikov and the coach of the Bolshoi Theater Sergei Antonov. They do it with beauty and gracefulness which are characteristic of the great ballet art.


Video 1

Video 2


Sales and Booking Tickets +359 885 412 525; e-mail: dramaoperavarna@gmail.com

and Community Center “N.Vaptsarov”